verizon tough phone--rugged smartphone saved drowning man's life in Japan

    verizon tough phone--in Japan, a 42-year-old man accidentally fell into the water at the ferry, not only can not swim, who did not wear a life jacket, but fortunately have at hand a rugged smartphone, played in the local Coast Guard calls later, this man finally fell into the water rescued.

According to Japanese news network reported that the man floating in the sea for nearly 20 minutes and was rushed to the hospital before the body is very low, once life is in danger, but now has been restored health.

According to reports, the man at the ferry due to seasickness, lying on the deck when the body accidentally crossed 1.2-meter-high railing, falling into the sea. The man did not tamper with, but calmly let your body float up while dialing calls. Plus he uses rugged smartphone, just let him get the most rapid relief.